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A Hotel Office Manager
A hotel office manager is a liaison for all parts of a hotel.
A hotel front office manager is responsible for supervising all duties of the front desk. They are also a liaison for all interdepartmental communications, requiring excellent communication and leadership skills.

Front office managers are often required to hold a college degree in hospitality or management. It is also possible to progress to this position gradually from lower levels of management without formal education.

Personal Qualities
Superior supervision
Decision making and
Time-management skills
Serve the customer complaints and queries in a pleasant and level-headed manner.

All operations of the front desk and guest services, including :
The concierge,
Transport and luggage services.
The management of front office personnel such as staff training and shift scheduling.

Hotel front office managers typically receive health insurance and retirement benefits.
The average salary in the United States is $57,303 per year, as of October 2009.

Hotel management can be a stressful, fast-paced environment.

Front office managers might be required to work irregular hours or remain on call to work at short notice.

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