Jumat, 04 Februari 2011

Asking and Giving Direction

Asking for Directions

“Excuse Me”

"Excuse me. Do you know where the post office is?"
"Excuse me. Can you point me to the nearest gas station?"
"Excuse me. Can you give me quick directions to Tampak Siring ?
"Excuse me. Do you know how to get to the Shopping mall from here?"
"Excuse me. How do I get to Taman Ayun from here?“
"Excuse me. I'm looking for Gowa Lawah. I thought it was around here. Do you know where it is?"
"Excuse me. I'm looking for the post office. Do you know how to get there?“
"Excuse me. What is the best way to get to Ubud?"

Giving Directions


Go straight on (until you come to …).
Turn back./Go back.
Turn left/right (into …-street).
Go along …
Cross …
Take the first/second road on the left/right
It's on the left/right.
Straight on
next to
at the end (of)
on/at the corner
in front of
(just) around the corner
traffic lights
crossroads, junction

Case Study

1……..at the next corner.
2. Then …….until you come to the traffic lights.
3. …………………there.
The post office is …… the cinema.

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