Jumat, 18 Februari 2011


1. Making Hotel Reservation

Menelepon Hotel :
I would like to reserve a single room, please.
I want to book two double rooms for next week, please.
I’d like to reserve two single rooms, please.

Menanyakan Tarif Kamar
How much is the room rate per night, please?
May I know how much your room rate, please?
How much is it for a single room?

Menanyakan Diskon:
Is there any discount if I stay for a week?
Is there any discount if I reserve three double rooms?

Do tax and service charge already include in rooms rate?
Does this already include breakfast?

Menanyakan Data Lengkap:
May I have your full name, please?
May I have your address, please?

2. Checking In At The Hotel

My name is …….. I made a reservation last week.
My name is …… I have made a reservation for a single room.
Which room do you prefer? A room facing the sea or main street?
Do you prefer a room facing the sea?
I prefer a room with a view.

3. Ordering Meals in The Hotel

I’d like to order something for dinner, please
Is it possible for me to order something for dinner?
Do you have something special this evening?
Would you like to order some juice?
May I have your number, please?
May I have your room number, please?

4. Making Complaints in The Hotel

The bed is still unmade and the floor is also very dirty.
The two towels hanged in the bathroom were still wet.
I am very sorry.
We apologize for this inconvenience.
I’ll send a housekeeper to make up the room.
Our staff are coming soon to fix it.

5. Asking for Help in The Hotel

Can you help me to call a doctor?
The electricity doesn’t work. Can you tell somebody to fix it?

6. Paying Hotel Bills

I’m leaving at 11.30. Could you prepare for the hotel bills, please?
What is your room number, Sir?
This is the total amount and these are the breakdown of your bills.
Will you pay it cash or with traveler’s check?
I’ll pay it with a credit card.
I hope you enjoyed staying with us.

7. Checking Out at The Hotel

I’m leaving now and this is the key of my room.
I have to leave today.
May we meet again in this hotel next year.
We are very satisfied with your service.
Thank you. I hope you enjoyed staying with us.
Can you help me to call a taxi?

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