Minggu, 08 April 2012

Balinese Vedic Heritage (3)

Om ityagre vyavaharet| nama iti pascat|
narayanayetyuparistat| om ityekaksaram| nama
iti dvi aksare| narayanayeti pancaksarani| etad
vai narayanasya-astaksaram padam| yo ha vai
narayanasya-astaksaram padam abhyeti|
anapabhruvah sarvamayureti| vindate
prajapatyam rayasposam gopatyam tato’mrta tvam
asnute| etat samaveda sirodhite.
First pronounce Om, then Namo, and finally
Narayanaya. Om is the one syllable form, Namo
is the two syllables form, and Narayanaya is
the five syllables form. This is indeed the eight
syllables mantra of Lord Narayana. Whoever
goes to this eight syllables mantra of Lord
Narayana, will be free from any curse during
the whole course of his life. He will reach the
status of Prajapati (Lord over beings),
accumulating abundant of wealth, ownership
over cattle and finally reaches immortality.
Thus the head meaning of Samaveda has been
Note: This Sirah presenting Astaksara-mantra
or Thirumantram as the conclusion of
Samaveda. The mantra was actually the sound
representation of the deity. There is no
different between Astaksara-mantra and The
Supreme Personality of Godhead Narayana
Himself. One who attained realization on
Astaksara-mantra, directly experience the
Divine Being of Sriman Narayana Himself. He
totally immersed in The Lord’s nama-rupa-guna-
lila, His Holy Name, Divine Form, Qualities, and
Pastimes. This reminds us with Peyazhvar’s
Mundram Thiruvanthadi and also
Nammazhvar’s Thiruvaymozhi.

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