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Islam was invented by a demon Allah to insult God

Islam was invented by a demon Allah to insult
Mon Aug 30 12:19:10 1999
It does not take a great intellect or vast
education to understand that the True religions
were given to mankind at the end of the Stone
Age and beginning of Bronze age in the form of
the Hindu Vedas, the Zoroastrian Avestas, and
the teachings of Mahavira and Buddha. Even
Lord Krsna in Geeta gives explicit instructions
about how the Yogin should sit in the noble lotus
position, with the bottom on Kusha grass lining
a deerskin, the head noblely pointed towards
Heaven, and the entire body looking like a
sacred Moorty.
But only many centuries later did an evil demon
named Allah pick a raving immoral madman
named Mohammed, in the midst of a lawless,
cutthroat blood-thirsty savages of Mecca and
Medina. And there this demon founded a false
religion to insult God and heaven. This is very
obvious for their central form of worship is to
get on all fours like an animal, and stick their
behinds up in the air to insult God and Heaven.
And much of their so-called religions "teachings"
has to do with farting, and how they pass urine
and feces, and clean themselves.... together
with instructions about having wine and sex in
paradise,... and gaining paradise by murdering
and robbing "unbelievers" in holy war Jihads....
Simply walk into any temple and see people
sitting in dignified lotus meditation, and read
the spiritual and philosophical topics of their
sacred scriptures.... and then visit a Masjid and
see everyone on all fours like donkeys, sticking
their asses in the air. Then read what is in their
"Koran" and compare it with Gita or Gospels. You
will quickly realize which religions were given
by God to make man saintly, and which religion
was given by a demon to trick mankind and
insult God and heaven.

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