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Evolution proves false nature of Islam

Evolution proves false nature of Islam
Wed Aug 25 12:22:42 1999 (more Islamic
debates from
The TRUE God (not Allah) who created the
Universe, realized that change is necessary, and
provided a biological mechanism for Evolution,
so that all living creatures might change and
True scriptures and genuine religions also
change and adapt. Even Lord Krishna in Geeta
says "I will come down in human form (Avatar)
Only Koran is frozen in time, frozen in the
barbaric culture and values of the nomads of 7th
century Medina.
Therefore, obviously Koran and Islam is false.
Would the TRUE GOD create living creatures
with ability to change and adapt, but make
religion and worship and scripture
UNCHANGEABLE, and furthermore, "reveal" it
Why is Quran not clever about science of
Wed Aug 25 11:52:10 1999
Muslims claim Koran is so clever about
explaining scientific phenomena like hail.
Why is the all-knowing Allah not equally clever
about the science of modern economics????
The Koran strictly forbids lending money and
charging interest (Usury). Suras 2:275, 3:130,
4:161, 30:39
Modern nations cannot exist without banking
and lending money on interest. Every Islamic
nation, supposedly a Theocracy ruled by
Quoranic Law, has banks and lends money on
interest!!! Therefore, NO MUSLIM TRULY OBEYS
If the Allah of the Koran were TRULY GOD, He
would have foreseen this necessity of modern
times, and would have inspired verses to allow
for such necessities, so that Islamic nations
would not be disgraced by such obvious
But OBVIOUSLY, the "Allah" of the Koran is
simply and evil demon, and Mohammad was a
wicked and depraved man, a raving, alcoholic,
sexually obscessed man. possessed by devils,
who deceived the world with talk of a "Paradise"
filled with limitless quantities of delicious wine,
and supernatural Houri whores, while teaching
that it is saintly to murder and rob and sell into
slavery the "unbelieving infidels" during "holy
Why would such SUPERIOR and more
enlightened and spiritual religions such as Sufis
and Sikhs EVOLVE out of Islam if Islam was
really the one TRUE spiritually satisfying
Why would Kabir and Guru Nanak write Guru
Granth Sahib?
Why would Rumi and Omar Khayyam write their
spiritual poetry?
If Koran is perfect, why would any other books
be necessary?
Read some poetry of Rumi and Kabir. Then read
some Gita.
Then read some Surahs of Koran.
Now tell me where you find more beauty and
And how can Sunnis and Shiites DISAGREE on
ANY single point, and still BOTH claim to be
Since Islamic nations are "blessed" with the
wealth of the worlds oil reserves, and if the
Koran is so clever to predict various "scientific
truths" about hailstones and blood clots, then
why did the Koran make no mention of the
wealth of Oil hidden in Islamic lands. Why was
it necessary for the "wicked" white European
infidel scientists to come and discover the oil
wells?? This makes no sense!
So Basicly, Arabs were too dumb to clean their
Wed Aug 25 13:18:12 1999
Basically what all this is saying is the the Arabs
of 600 a.d. were SO DUMB, that God had to raise
up an illeterate camel thief to teach them how to
clean themselves after they go to the bathroom
and to explain where rain and crops come from
and how babies are made.....
Thats what all this boils down to....
Why was it unnecessary for the people of India
to have such things explained to them in the
Why didnt Buddha give lessons in toilet
Why didnt the Jews need common-sense lessons
from Moses?
How come Jesus didnt bother with all these
Thats cause all those GENUINE RELIGIONS had
REAL spiritual topics to discuss, not the
nonsense and terrorist mentality one finds in the
There will be "world peace" after the Nuclear
Wed Aug 25 13:22:14 1999
yes... after the Muslim terrorists have
annihilated the human race with nuclear
weapons, science tells us that
the cockroach insects will survive, since nothing
can kill them.
And insects are very peaceful.
So all the infidels and unbelievers will be dead,
the Muslims will go DIRECTLY to Mohammad's
paradise and be drinking all that delicious wine
and dancing with all the naked Houris.....
and at long last, there will be no new releases of
Windos from Microsoft....
The Muslims spread the Koran with the sword,
the Christian missionaries fill their churches
with "rice Christians", handing out bribes of rice
and blankets to starving people,....
But the Geeta has spread all over the world ON
Even the British who first translated it to
English fell in love with it. The British Governor
in first edition of 18th century wrote in the
preface "This book will be read and enjoyed
LONG AFTER the British empire is but a
And Geeta is the favorite of Scientists. It was the
GEETA and NOT the Koran which was recited at
Los Alamos when the very first nuclear bomb
was tested .... "I am Death, Destroyer of
Worlds", (Lord Krishnas words)
Lord Krsna needs no prophet....
Geeta convinces in ANY LANGUAGE but Koran
Is this not what Muslims always argue. Oh... you
cant understand Koran except in Arabic.
Funny how words of Geeta are SO POWERFUL,
that they attract and convince in ANY
LANGUAGE. Same is true of Christian Gospels.
If YOU were God, which sort of scripture WOULD
YOU choose to reveal? A weak confusing one,
thrown together in haste because of a prophets
unexpected death, which CANNOT BE
translated,..... or A POWERFUL CLEAR
SCRIPTURE,... which attracts with its beauty and
convinces IN ANY LANGUAGE, and even in the
poorest of translations.
You be the judge!
p.s. Koran boring and ugly EVEN IN BEST
Sorry, I forgot to mention that interesting fact.
And the GREAT teacher of Rumi was
"Shams" (Shyam, Krsna)
Wed Aug 25 13:48:47 1999
And the GREAT teacher of Rumi was
"Shams" (Shyam, Krsna) read up on the history
of Rumi, and learn about the mysterious
stranger Shams (Shyam) who appeared to teach
Rumi and intoxicate him with the playing of the
FLUTE (Murali mano)!

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