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Lord Krishna appears to Rumi, instructs Sufis

Lord Krishna appears to Rumi, instructs Sufis
Fri Sep 3 11:36:15 1999
Today, as the whole world celebrates
Janamashtmi and the birth of the Avatar of all
avatars, Lord Krishna, the Primal Lord and
Personality of Godhead, let us remember how
Lord Krishna appeared as Shams (Shyam) to
Jalalludin Rumi, and instructed him in the
mystical knowledge of the spiritual Flute
(Murali-man), thus founding the Mevlevi order
of Sufis, and salvaging some souls from the foul
teachings of the demon Allah and his
degenerate, mad-man prophet Mohammad.
Christian bible, is when Jesus says to the crowds
"We played THE FLUTE FOR YOU, and you did
not dance; We MOURNED FOR YOU (avatar
Buddah) and you did not weep".
And we even see the Lord concealed in the
Jewish bible, when Jacob, after wrestling with
an Angel all night, erects a stone (Sivalingum)
and pours oil on it. And also Abraham, who was
originally named ab-RAM (and Ram in Hebrew
means God is glorified), and abram became A-
Bramha, whose wife was Sara (Saraswati).
So, as Lord Krishna advised his uncle Uddhava,
"Learn to see ME everywhere, IN ALL THINGS,
in ALL CREATURES, and no othere Puja or Tapas
is necessary."
Hare bol!
======== (a question):
Dear Sitaramji,
If KRISHNA said to see Him in Everything and in
Every Creature Why can't we see Him in Allah
too. Why are you so mad at His another name
(my answer):
Take a good long look at Islam and the evil its
Fri Sep 3 17:35:42 1999
True, if God is in everything, then God is in
Ravanna, Hiranyakashipu, Hitler, Jeffry Dohmer,
and Prophet Mohammad, and the demon
but one should still fight against Evil.
God was in Kamsa too, but Lord Krishna still
killed him
===== (a second question):
Lord Krishna
Fri Sep 3 20:15:50 1999
True, We have to fight the
Ravana.Kamsha, Hiranyakashipu etc. But why
Allah? When Islam says Allah is everything
aren't they referring the Allmighty? How can
you, such a learned person, refer that Allmighty
as Demon Allah? When Muslims say Allah, even
the worst Muslim , in his mind and heart
thinking of that Allmighty. We worship that
Allmighty not only as Lord Rama or Lord
Krishna but even a stone we worship as Him.
Talk against any People, any Religion that is
your Luxury. But why against Allmighty?
Because someone calls Him in a different name
or may be someone worships Him in a different
form? Somehow I feel a kind of uneasiness when
people say something against the Allmighty. No
matter whether it is to Allah, Lord Krishna, or
the Father whom Jesus Christ refers.
=====(my answer):
Aha! A Devils cleverest trick is to impersonate
God !
Sat Sep 4 07:55:36 1999
I have posted dozens of pages of information
now which should clearly illustrate how evil the
Koran really is, how wicked the prophet
Mohammad was, and how this "Allah" that
Mohammad describes really has none of the
qualities of the True God, but is really a foul
That is why you have the famous saying "Know a
tree by its fruits, a good tree never produces bad
Stop and think for a minute, would the REAL
God DEMAND that you worship Him, and
threaten you with eternal torture if you do not,
and BRIBE you with SEX and WINE and GOLD
and JEWELS if you DO worship and believe???
OH PLEASE, Come NOW!!!!! Surely you are not
so simpleminded or gullible or childish as to
believe such nonsense.
Read the Bhagavadgita. Lord Krishna NEVER
says that EVERYONE must bow down to Him. He
merely says that IF someone should offer Him a
fruit or flower or leaf or water with sincerity and
purity of heart, that He will accept that offering.
Lord Krishna VERY CLEARLY STATES, that only
ONE person out of hundreds of thousands seeks
Him or knows His nature at any given time. So
Lord Krishna is clearly not looking for the whole
world to bow down. And Lord Krishna clearly
says that there are many many forms of
(such as Islam)... and that ALL WORSHIP COMES
TO LORD KRISHNA, even though the worshipers
might be completely ignorant of God's true
nature, identity, and personality.
The TRUE GOD does not HAVE to be jealous or
Besides, read the Old and New Testament,
which came LONG BEFORE the Koran and upon
which the Koran and Islam is based. YOU WILL
CLEARLY SEE, that God talks with MANY MANY
PEOPLE, not just one. So why is it that this
"Allah" only speaks to Mohammad, and no one
else hears or sees anything, not even a single
After Mohammad had his first "religious"
experience in the cave, he ran to his wife and
said "Either I am a madman, or I have become a
Prophet." IT WAS HIS WIFE, who told him he
was not mad, but a Prophet. NOW STOP AND
THINK. Mohammad says that a woman's
testimony only has HALF THE VALUE of a
male's testimony,.... and women only receive
HALF of an inheritance. SO ISNT IT A LITTLE
ODD, number one, that Mohammad should have
A WOMAN whether his experience is

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