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Astralaya, The Ancient Name for Australia

P N Oaks, in his
book World Vedic Culture, points out that the
aborigines of austrailia have
their origin in what are popularly known as the
Dravidian races. He says:
" Australia Ancient Indian ships cruised all the seven
seas as is
evident from terms tike navy' (which is a Sanskrit
term) and
Indian Ocean (" from South America to Australia) and
various land-masses incorporating the name India.
The name
India has been so famous through the ages as to get
centext stretched across time and distance to Red
and Indianapolis, for instance.
Archaeological evidence of ancient India's distant
sailing schedules is
available in the form of a naval bell with a Tamil
inscription fished out
from the sea off the Australian coast.
Australia itself is the Sanskrit term 'Astralaya' (ate)
i.e. a land of missiles. That name suggests that in
ancient times numerous
missiles were tried out in Australia. It could be that
Australia is a ddsert
because of nuclear explosions. If modem scientists
have - a way to ascertain
whether ancient Australia was subject to nuclear
explosions, and if so, hew
long ago, that would be a significant contribution to
research in ancient
The origin of place-names such as Brisbane and
Sydney also needs to be
probed into. It is possible that like
the name of the continent itself they too ere of
Sanskrit origin.
Australia's native population is of south-Indian origin
and so is their
language. They are known to wear the sacred Hindu,
Vedic mark (Tilak) on
their forehead. There exists a close similarity between
the Tamil language
and the
language of Australian Maories:
Instead of looking upon the aboriginal Maories of
Australia as a host community, Christian settlers from
have tended to shun and abhor it and have generally
refused to inquire into its antecedents. Deprecating
tendency, a kindly European lady has observed " To
rank the
the Australian native as a moron and gorilla man is to
do him a
very, very grave injustice. Deceived by a physiognomy
sullen in
repose, the protruding chin and the receding forehead
the, ape, and those long tenuous fingers that are
helpless with the tools of our modern civilization, the
ethnologists were hasty in their judgments. To look
closer and
with kindlier eyes is to discover that the aboriginal is
redeemed by the delicate, sensitive ear of the true
quiet, quick laughter of a very real sense of humour,
far behind in the race of ages, marooned on an island-
continent of sunny climate he never bothered to build
himself a house because he did not need it." ( Page
544 - 545 )
There is a drawing provided by Mr. Bhasin from the
book Long Missing Links, page 185.
In relation to the Hollow Earth Theory, the Southern
opening is supposed to
be below Austrailia between present-day Mc Murdo
Sound and Vostok, visible
on any map. The Radarsat mapping satellite showed
weak resonances from this
area, which is consistent with a gradually-curving
opening. There is a
drawing of the Radarsat
Image, also.
I have not had luck posting images through egroups
because of byte limits,
so I am not even going to try. I am going to post both
images at:
At least for now, so if you want to see them, go and
copy them or whatever.
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